Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Chantel Arnett and my mission is to explore the crazy world of ‘blogging as a biz’, learn as much as I can and share it all with you. But before I tell you what you can expect, let me share a little about myself. I am:

  • A wife, mom of three, first born child and an information technology professional.
  • A natural learner and teacher with a passion for interviewing, collaborating, engaging and curating.
  • A talkative and somewhat bossy Gemini with a tendency to be extremely analytical and sometimes subject to shiny object syndrome.

I enjoy:

  • Learning, teaching, working on projects, collaborating, interviewing, and curating
  • Sharing information and helping others!
  • Working hard with friends to achieve a goalI love…
  • To use my knowledge and communication skills to help people.
  • Researching, analyzing, finding solutions, and solving problems
  • Answering questions and helping others find answers
  • Breaking the ice and making connections with people
  • The challenge of meeting new people and winning them over.


Not too long ago (and to be honest, sometimes still), I was just like you. Excited, yet overwhelmed. Optimistic, yet frustrated. Passionate, yet doubtful.

But you know what?  Baby steps.  I’m learning everyday, soaking it all in and enjoying every minute of it. If you can relate, you’re in the right place. Join me on this journey and let’s learn:

  • The what, why and how of the business of blogging
  • The ‘to do’s’ and the ‘what NOT to do’s’
  • Interviews with experienced and new bloggers so that you can learn from their experiences.
  • I plan to try a bunch of things and share my personal experiences, both good and bad, with you.
  • All about “the business of blogging”. But not just monetization. Also tactical/how to stuff and strategy, marketing, technology, etc.