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  1. I have an email list. I have a subscription box… That being said, I don’t like to SHOVE it down people’s throats that they should subscribe. I hate seeing pop ups like that myself, so…. Why would I want to do it to other people?

    • GiGi – I agree. I’m not a big fan of pop-ups — although I’ve heard that they do convert well if used correctly. I’m trying to mainly use related content upgrades for opt-ins, so that people sign up who would naturally be interested in the same topics I email about. Have you considered doing something like that?

  2. Wow… what a great post. First of all I LOVE the way you are so up front about affiliate products. I immediately warmed to you with that one simple act!

    I really agree that email is direct, can be personal, and should be targeted, but in my inbox I get far to many emails! Email also has the potential To really pee people off! I think email needs to build on a relationship. Also I do think Facebook can be very personal and engaging, and its getting more so with things like Broadcast Live. The big difference I see is that the email goes to the reader, on Facebook the reader has to come to you. Though I guess you can argue with a statistic like 3800%

    Your list of things to offer to get emails is VERY helpful for me. As a relatively new blogger (4 posts!) I am keen to build a loyal band of followers from which I can get customers. Currently all they get for visiting my blog is great content! I can see that may not be enough and will certainly now start to produce some free giveaways. Thanks for the steer.

    I was surprised to hear that I have to give my physical address on my emails. I did not know that, so I guess you have now saved me from a potentially very high fine! Many thanks. Is that just for US citizens, or does it apply if I send emails to the US from the UK? It is so easy to start blogging and emailing without really knowing all the legal ramifications. I am so glad I found this blog!

    I take your point about the social media, and so as soon as I post this comment I shall share your page!

    Once again Great post and many thanks


  3. What a great summary of the email marketing problem this post has been. Although my list began very small when I once mailed directly using Gmail, I found out the limitations, moved to mailchimp. I could see me riding a roller coaster ever since. I’ve tried a bunch of products in the market since then in the lust for the per of automation and stumbled upon SendX, which suits my requirements and bills just right. Everyone is free to choose their own but, simply having one makes your life so much easier. Thanks again for the post.

    • Hi, Dan. It really is a journey, isn’t it? Glad you found an email service provider that works for you. I haven’t heard of SendX. Will have to check it out!

  4. Thank you for this! I feel so lost trying to figure this Out! Any suggested reading for content of initial email sequence? Trying to get this email thing figured out before I start really announcing my presence on social media…

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