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    • Mike – someone else said something similar. I think they may be rolling it out gradually to different users and not all at once. So, definitely try again!

    • Thanks, Kate! I’m not sure yet – I’ve only had them linked for a few days. But fingers crossed and it certainly can’t hurt.:)

  • I am getting the same problem! I don’t yet have the option for this tab in my page settings. I wonder if it is related to the type of page you have… what kind of page do you have? Thanks!

    • Tina – I can’t remember what page type I chose when I created the page and I don’t see that information in settings. But, I heard that they sometimes roll these kinds of new features out gradually so be sure to check back and see it the option gets added for your page.

  • I must admit, I’m not a fan of Facebook for many reasons, but it is on my to-do list to ramp up my marketing efforts there. I really appreciate the step by step instructions with images. It makes it so much easier to follow. I will certainly be referring back to your post when I’m ready to go through this process.

  • Its not available on my business page either. I am in Australia. Very disappointed as my heart skipped a beat when I first saw your article. Did you get an alert when it was added or did you just figure it out?

    • Kate – I’m pretty sure I got some sort of notification or it was highlighted as a new option on my page. Hopefully, it will be rolled out to you soon!

  • Now that I have linked my group to my Fan page, I find the iPhone app and iPad app – behave differently. The iPhone app defaults to posting to the group as the fan page admin. You can click on the name to change it, but it always defaults back to the admin. On the iPad there is no way, I have found, to post to the group as an individual.

  • This was the perfect post to come in my email today, I had been looking for this all week since I set up my group but hadn’t been able to find it. But I’m getting this error when I try to link the group “There was an error adding the group administrator.” Do you know how I can fix it?

    • I wasn’t able to find an exact answer for this issue, but I saw a similar issue and it was fixed by verifying the Facebook user with a phone number. Maybe try that?

  • For those having issues with not seeing the group tab as an option:

    If your page is unpublished or the group you’re trying to link is set to secret you’ll need to change those two things for this to work. Temporarily publish your page, link your group, and then you can unpublished again to co to use working on it.

  • This was so helpful! Facebook offers so many option and changes a lot all the time, I am sure we miss a lot of opportunities. Thank you for your inspiration, Baerbel

  • This was very helpful – thank you! If our group is setup as “secret” vs. public or closed, will this still work? Upon our first test seems like that group tab and group post that pulls in on our company page is only visible to those in the group. Can you confirm that this is accurate? Thanks so much!

  • I don’t see the option of “groups” when I do step 5. I thought it was because I manage my page through facebook business manager. So I asked my partner to do it since he’s just a reg admin and doesn’t run our fb through business manager, but he doesn’t see it either. Any ideas? Am I the only one this is happening to?

    • Kathy – I’m going to take a look in a bit when I get a chance and see if anything has changed. Is your group a secret group, by any chance? Sorry you’re having trouble. 😞

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