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  • Chantel, this is a good comparison of these three providers. I just recently switched my new blog over from MailChimp to MailerLite as well because there are many more features that are available for free there where you would have to pay for on other services such as ConvertKit or Aweber. I think that anyone starting out with a new blog should learn the ropes with a provider like MailerLite… at least until they get the hand of using autoresponders, webforms, and landing pages. And, by the time they reach the 1000 subscriber threshold, they should be earning enough to try out any premium services.

  • Hey girl!

    I love your comparison! I tried MailChimp in the past and quite frankly, I didn’t like it. MailerLite is more user-friendly, I believe and has more functionality. I also use MailPoet for my lifestyle blog. Passing this along!


  • Does Mailerlite’s landing pages work with multiple content upgrades on one subscriber list? I am using mailchimp now and to create content upgrades, I need to create a separate email list for each one. Is it the same with Mailerlite?

  • Hey Chantal!

    Nicole here from the Blog + Biz BFFs Facebook Group. Thanks so much for this informative post! Really loaded with value! I checked MailerLite out after reading your post and am making sure to sign up through your links (a lil’ affiliate thanks!)

    Thanks again and all the best,
    Nicole |

  • Chantel, while I do use MailChimp in my business as well for my clients, this is a great post. I will try your suggestion later in the year and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing.

  • Very timely, thank you! I was just trying to google these exact things over the weekend and sort of, for now settled on MailerLite. Your post definitely helps me feel more confident in my decision!

    • That’s awesome, Gretchen! Hit me up if you have questions I can help with. Be sure to join our Facebook group too if you haven’t already. 😀

  • You’re definitely right, I’ve only heard about Mailchimp for a free service for starting out. That’s what I’m using right now. I never heard of Mailerlite. I will have to look into it, thanks.

  • This is really helpful! Thanks for sharing. I just started using Aweber. So far, I’m pretty happy except that it doesn’t really integrate with WordPress (even though they say it does). Have you reviewed Aweber before?

    • Lisa – thanks for taking time to let me know this post was helpful. I haven’t reviewed Aweber before, but I’ll keep it in mind if I do any more email service provider reviews. 🙂

  • Love, love, love this. I was planning on Mailchimp (having never heard of MailerLite) when you convinced me to try ML instead via a FB post. I was an Aweber fan back in the day (when none of these others existed!), but just can’t afford it nor ConvertKit. Based on this post, I think I’ll be able to grow with MailerLite and not have to stress over the potential need to switch! Thanks for taking the time to seriously compare/contrast the three services.

  • Amazing thank you! I also started with mailchimp – I literally have 5 subscribers and already unhappy. Tried using them with Leadpages and had problems with integration, I’ve had problems with the sign up forms generating correctly, etc. I’m going to sign up with mailerlite today!

  • Hi Chantel, I’ve been wondering which is better for a while. To be honest I didn’t know that MailerLite had a free plan. Thank you for giving me some points to consider!!

  • Does MailerLite have the ability to set up email courses or nurturing campaigns that run automatically pre-scheduled? That’s one thing I like about ConvertKit because it’s so easy to do that too.

  • Thank you for this great recommendation! My main frustration with my current email plan is that my subscribers aren’t able to opt-in for multiple lead magnets. I’ve created a work around with a “resource library” but I’d rather them be able to just enter their email again, but not end up as a duplicate on my list. Do you know, does MailerLite do that? Thank you!

    • Yes, you can create separate webforms directly in MailerLite and depending on which form they use to opt-in add them to different lists and send them different emails with different links. 😀

  • Very interesting! I’m using Mailchimp now – but had heard plenty about the other two…Lots to think about! Now…finding the time to make the switch, ugh! (And replace all those links to my subscribe form in past blog post…double ugh!) Thanks for the info!

    • Angela – you are most welcome! Would love to hear how it works out for you. The more I learn about MailerLite’s features, the more I like it! Just today, I noticed that you can see where your email subscribers clicked on links in your emails in a visual format! 🙂

    • Amanda – you are most welcome! If you’re working on expanding your blog reach, you might want to sign up for Mariah Coz’s free challenge – “Write Your Free Email Course”. This is my affiliate link, but the challenge is totally free to participate. 🙂

    • Hi, Sarah. Definitely check it out and let me know if you have questions that I might be able to help with. Also, their 24/7 chat support is amazing! 🙂

  • I might have to check Mailerlite. I have mailchimp, but Mailerlite has a lot of free features. I might try it for my giveaway mailing list and if that fits in well I will switch it out for good.

      • So I signed up for mailerlite and created a web form but I’m not approved yet, do I need to wait for approval to see the web form on my site?

        • Roxy – you’ll have to add the webform to your site, but I would wait until you are approved. If the form is live on your site before you are approved, someone might sign up and not get the emails that they should get after sign up. If you need more help, MailerLite’s chat support is 24/7 and they are super helpful!

  • This post makes me want to try Mailer Lite for one of my sites! I have two questions, though. The main one is open rate. I’m moving away from Mad Mimi because of horrible open rates. And Convert Kit open rates are amazing. How does Mailer Lite compare?

    My second question is, if I have multiple optins and multiple freebies, am I able to have separate lists to keep track of interests without being charged twice or three times for the same person? I need someone to be able to unsubscribe from one drip or list without removing them from the whole list, if possible.

    Thank you!

    • Gretchen, my open rates have been 33% to 44% this month for emails sent to my entire list (not individual segments). MailerLite definitely lets you add people to separate lists and even multiple lists and doesn’t charge you multiple times. They also won’t send the same email to one person twice just because they’re on more than one list that gets the same email.

  • Hi Chantel,
    your blog that I found at Femtrepreneur inspired me to check out MailerLite again. Fingers crossed that it’s a keeper. Been sitting on the fence which platform to use as I switch over from sending my newsletter via Outlook. Lots to learn, but ml seems very accessible for newbies.

    • Just noticed that I never replied to your comment. 🙁 Did you move forward with MailerLite? If so, is it working out for you?

    • I am really looking forward to the tagging feature! I was literally pinging them to see when it will be released. 🙂

  • I’ve been sitting on the fence with MailerLite, Active Campaign, and Convert Kit (I’ve been with MadMimi for a long time). So many email services have affiliate link policies that are really hard to understand. Do you use affiliate links in your emails with ML? Are you able to link directly to an affiliate product, or do you have to send your subscribers to a blog post that points them to something you’re sharing or promoting?

    • Amy – I do use affiliate links in my emails with MailerLite. I actually reached out to them to get clarification on their policy and this is what they said… “To make everything short, affiliate links are ok within our service, as long as they match your blog/site content, you clearly inform your subscribers that this is a special offer etc. We do not see any problems here, and you can recommend our service without any doubt :)” Hope that helps!

  • This was absolutely the best post ever! I had started with the chimp, and wasn’t sure about moving over to MailerLite (but, had signed up for it) and just got my logo done today so as I was updating everything I found your link to this post. I just moved everything over and am so happy at how easy it was! Thank you!

  • I just switched from GetResponse to MailerLite and also signed up for the free trial of Converkit (because I’ve heard about so many people loving it). I’m not totally in love with Convertkit and wasn’t sure if it was just me. I’m going to stick with MailerLite now becasue it has features I need, is pretty easy to use and it is a great price. Thanks for helping me with that descion!

  • I really want to use Mailerlite, but find it complicated to set up. And, there is one feature that I like better on ConvertKit … CK has an autodownload when the user clicks subscribe in their confirmation email.

  • This is amazing! How have I not heard of this before? I haven’t launched yet, and I was begrudgingly going to use ConvertKit with no subscribers, but MailerLite it is!! You made my day!

  • This was so helpful! I am currently with Mail Chimp but have known since the day I started my blog practically, that I needed to switch. But until now I was sure I needed Convertkit. I didn’t realize MailerLite had the features that ConvertKit has! I will be sharing this post for sure! Thanks for sharing:)

  • I use Mailerlite too and I like it not just for the reasons you mentioned but it’s so easy to use and way more attractive looking than Mailchimp. The autoresponders were the ultimate dealbreaker for sure. If I had thousands of subscribers I might feel differently.

  • Thanks for this it was really helpful! I’ve considered changing from Mailchimp mainly due to the automation only being available in paid options. BUT thankfully they just released automation for free! (So you need to update point 2 :)) Tha na anyway good things to consider in the future.

  • I’m going to go ahead & try MailerLite since I’ve recently found that emails are landing in subscribers junk instead of inbox 😐 great write up thanks for this

    • Hi, Tamara. I’m also happy to hear about other people who like MailerLite. I agree… Their customer service is the best!! The 24/7 chat support is awesome, especially since I’m always working on my blog and emails outside of normal business hours. 🙂

  • This is great information! I was about to sign up for MailChimp to start out my blogging journey, but you have convinced me otherwise. Thank you!

    • Hi, Katie. So glad it was helpful. I’m thinking of setting a a course on how to use MailerLite. Is that something that would be helpful to you?

  • I almost went with Mailchimp but I’m so happy I went with MailerLite instead!! I’ve had it a little over a month and am loving it so far! I love that it’s free for the first 1000 and being able to make landing pages. I haven’t even used all the features yet!

  • Great post. I’m currently on ConvertKit but have been looking into alternatives, particularly MailerLite. One of the features I like with ConvertKit is where it doesn’t count duplicate emails/subscribers against your monthly subscriber limit which allows you to avoid double charges. Does MailerLite have anything like that?

  • I was one of those newbie bloggers that went with mailchimp, but soon discovered that over half of the people signing up never even got the first email. If your subscribers have a yahoo or aol account it will never even reach them. I tried it myself with my personal email accounts and my yahoo and aol accounts never received any of my blog emails. They weren’t even in my spam folders. Google signups have it go straight to their spam folders. I switched in a hurry. I tried mad mimi with some success, but MailerLite is my favorite. I’m sticking with them!

  • I’m going to have to look into MailerLite! I started blogging back in September and was automatically introduced to Mail Chimp. It’s been okay for me, but I have found it doesn’t have a lot of functions/options and is really difficult to use. Thanks for the comparison of the two! It really helps!

  • Thanks for this. I haven’t picked a product yet, and this comparison is so helpful. I’m used to CK and MC so I was going to default to one of those for my own business but I’m going to check out MailerLite. (By the way, MC just introduced Landing Pages on the free plan.)

  • This has been so helpful, Chantel. Thank you! I’m thinking seriously of switching from mail chimp and will use your affiliate link if I do. I do have one question I didn’t see addressed – do you know if they allow you to segment your list? So that a subscriber could say “I don’t want podcast posts” or ” I don’t want weight loss posts” but “I do want all the other posts”? No worries if you don’t know the answer to this offhand. I love having that customer service phone line so I could just call them too and ask!

    • Yes! You can edit the unscribe page so that subscribers have the option to unsubscriber from specific groups.

      You can also include a link in an email giving your subscribers the option to “opt-out” from a specific sequence, etc. If thye click on that link, you would just add them to a separate group and then exclude that group from specific emails. You can do that by creating a segment that excludes that group.

      Hope that helps!

  • This is SO GOOD.

    I’m so in your shoes I might need to get out of them so you can get back in them.

    MC to ML to CK and now am actually paying for ML and CK. I know you know what I mean.

    But your article helped me so much. I’ve honestly been wanting, preferring to love and use ML. One of the “sales points” that CK uses is that “your real readers/subscribers” don’t want fancy-looking emails. I don’t exactly agree. I personally like a bit of design in an email.

    Here’s another to add to your list that ML can do that CK cannot:

    I have a 10-day Write Every Day automated series. However, I realize that not everyone can really get it rolling for all of those 10 days in a row. With ML (and I’m pretty sure not CK), I can make it so that the next “action” can be based on a click and not on a date. Not ready for Day 5? It won’t be forced into your mailbox and guess what? You’ll be even further behind and probably never do it.

    Thank you so much, Chantel!

    • Hey, Bradley! I too wanted to jump on the CK train, but never could convince myself that it was better for me personally. And to make things worse, I actually love trying out new tools, apps, services. Lol. I’m currently still using ML, but also using Kartra and I’m super impressed with it so far. I may have to update my post to include a comparison of ML and Kartra. 🙂

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