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  • Thanks for including me! Interesting to see such a big mix of bloggers and how they make money from affiliate marketing. I agree with you, I was amazed at how many different niches are represented by the members of the affiliate marketing course FB group, and it’s a really encouraging group.

  • This is an excellent post! Thank so much for this information. Ive been trying to build my audience before really diving into marketing, but this post is helping me to prioritize a little differently. I have a lot to learn and I ma looking forward to going through this list in more detail. Great post!

  • GREAT post! I’d love to know the amount of page views each of these bloggers get on average. I am a new blogger and it gives me hope when I see people monetizing with lower page view numbers. Taking this ecourse has been on my to-do list since my second month blogging! I’m hoping to finally get to this month!

  • Thank you so much! I’ve been really curious about affiliate links & whether it was profitable or not. This answered a lot of my questions, as a brand new blogger.

    • Thanks, Brittany! I was hoping that it would be encouraging and helpful to see some actual examples of posts on a variety of topics. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love this article. I am very new to blogging and looking for ways to improve and make money.

  • Awesome post. So encouraging, especially for new (ish) bloggers from different niches.
    I should start adding affiliate links in my posts. The worst thing that could happen is make 0 $.

  • I genuinely enjoyed this post, Chantel. Very informative and super helpful! This provided so much insight on what it takes to make actual income from blogging. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Hey Chantel!

    I find it amazing to see how others are “making the bacon” with their businesses and blogs. I do offer some personal blogging services (including web design) and do some affiliate marketing. I still haven’t found the right mix for the affiliate marketing side but am doing my best to get it right.

    Thanks for sharing these entrepreneurs with us!


  • Great I enjoyed the way you explained everything.
    I have not made any money from my blog yet but am hoping to do so anytime soon . When I use what I have learned from Ur post.

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